Education Philosophy

The Arizona Academy of Science, a K through 8 public Phoenix charter school, is committed to the improvement of science and math education beginning in their schools and continuing through middle school. All students enrolled in this school, will be given the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare them for life as productive adults and responsible citizens. The primary focus of our program is academic excellence and we will not compromise with mediocrity for any reason. Lax attitudes or underperformance will not be accepted and students will be given whatever guidance is necessary to improve and reach their goals.

The program at Arizona Academy of Science will provide students with the skill and knowledge required to meet these goals. At all levels and in all subjects, students are expected to master three dimensions of education; acquisition of knowledge by systematic learning and rote learning where necessary; acquisition of skills by coaching and modeling; and acquisition of understanding through focused discussions.

Arizona Academy of Science approaches education as a life long process of growth. We expect our teachers to motivate their students with energy and affection for the subject matter. We reject the lax standards that have infected so much of American education in recent years and affirm the necessity for diligence and hard work for students and faculty. We are committed to educating the whole person according to our standards of excellence from our elementary charter school to middle school.