About Us

The Arizona Academy of Science elementary and middle school focus is on science and math as the basis for a strong academic program unlike any other Phoenix charter school. An Arizona charter school founded in 1998, the Arizona Academy of Science has borne out the benefits of such an approach, with most of its students passing the Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards (also known as the AIMS test) in a challenging and creative learning environment.

In middle school, the curriculum augments a rigorous program in reading, writing and math with hands-on experience in the biological and physical sciences. The elementary curriculum, strong in the basics of reading, writing and math, places a special emphasis on science with a dedicated science teacher for grades 4 through 8.  This approach provides a consistent and strong curriculum in science across the grade levels and gives the students the opportunity to work in a science lab classroom.

The advantages of Arizona Academy of Science include:

  • A unique hands on science program
  • Small class sizes – averaging 20 or fewer students
  • Emphasis on individual student needs and learning styles
  • After school enrichment programs
  • Central Phoenix location on a safe and secure campus

Arizona Academy of Science is unlike other Arizona public schools. By gaining a thorough understanding of science and math, graduates have a solid foundation on which to build their future technical careers. Moreover, they are exceptionally well equipped to become contributing members of our technological society.